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Community guidelines

If you're already part of our community or about to join us, it's important you've read these guidelines at least once. 

Community guidelines as of June 17th 2013.

  • Showing respect to others (regular players and community members) is important. If you want to be treated with respect you will have to treat others with it. 
  • We're all here for the same reason: teamwork, making new friends and having a fun time. Lets create an environment in the community which makes this possible. 
  • Threats at any degree are not allowed towards other members, the management and players on our server.
  • Your membership is nothing less than an opportunity and you will be able to gain a position in the management if you show interest in it and are motivated to do the tasks given to you.
  • Wearing the ZLG tag represents your reputation as well as ours. Misbehaving on our own server, community website as well as others' will give people a bad impression about our community. 
  • If you decide to leave our community for whatever reason, please inform the management about your leave and maybe create a thread on the forums.
  • If you feel like you're not in a good mood and feel aggressive, you should take a brake from playing and get yourself together. Have a cup of tea or go for a walk - some fresh air will always do good to you !
  • Use your common sense in any possible situation. Act like you feel best - but don't rage. People make mistakes, so do you. 



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