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The Christmas Event has began!
[ZLG] iiAp- 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 23rd Dec 2013
ZombieLife | Event.

Hello everybody.
Please find below the possible locations of the vehicles as well as possible combinations for the locks on the garage doors. More information regarding thi ... nt can be found here.

Possible locations. (you'll have to search the area around it properly!)
  • Guglovo
  • Shakhovka
  • Dubrovka
  • Olsha
  • Pavlovo
  • Measty Peak
  • Nizhnoye

Possible combinations.
158, 657, 789, 254, 632, 174, 458, 995, 664, 224, 237, 302, 554

There's one vehicle inside a garage which is locked with a key. They key is inside a lockbox which is hidden near the vehicle. The possible combinations for the lockbox are: blue55, red89 or green51.

Good luck!

23rd Dec 2013 [ZLG] Dr Honda
Good luck everyone. :)
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