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>> Important information regarding update <<
[ZLG] iiAp- 11 Comments · Likes · Like · 14th Dec 2013
Due to problems with Epoch and our custom scripts we've decided NOT to update the server to Epoch today. We expect to update Monday!

We are very sorry for this.

19th Dec 2013 KoT
and what about side missions?
17th Dec 2013 KoT
What about towing? why it is not work?
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16th Dec 2013 [ZLG] iiAp-
The server is up and running again.
16th Dec 2013 KoT
wen we can play on server?
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15th Dec 2013 [ZLG] iiAp-
It is a lot of work ye.
15th Dec 2013 Gazzman
no problem m8, im sure its a full time thing just running a server as it is.
15th Dec 2013 [ZLG] iiAp-
Server isn't working indeed. I'll fix it with the Epoch update tomorrow. Sorry guys, but I'm way too tired from work.
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15th Dec 2013 [ZLG] iiAp-
Server seems to be working again? It's showing online in my control screen. Next time, please use the contact form so I receive the email on my iPhone. I will be able to investigate the issue even if I'm not home. Thanks guys.
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15th Dec 2013 Gazzman
Appears to be curtis, ive been trying to get on all day with no joy.
Is anyone else having trouble or is it just me?
15th Dec 2013 Curtis
Server is down?
15th Dec 2013 Gazzman
Hi m8 how long is the server expected to be down for?
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