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The Christmas Event [Epoch]
[ZLG] iiAp- 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 11th Dec 2013
ZombieLife | Event.

Hello everybody.
With Christmas coming we thought it was time to release more information about the event we will be running on our Epoch server. Hiding 3 vehicles inside a locked garage it might sound the same as our recent event, The Vault Hunt. But it’s slightly different and harder to actually find the combination for the lock and the key of the vehicle!

The event will start 23/12/2013 13:00PM and finishes either when all vehicles are recovered or at 09/01/2014 18:30PM. The day the mission kicks off you’ll receive information containing possible locations of keys to vehicles and possible combinations for the combination locks on the garage doors.

We will publish new and more accurate information with locations every 4 days.

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