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[Epoch] Server upgraded.
[ZLG] iiAp- 9 Comments · Likes · Like · 11th Dec 2013
ZombieLife | Maintenance.

Hello everybody.
We've completed the server maintenance on our Epoch server. This server is now running the latest Epoch version, 1.0.3. You can find the changes the d ... s of Epoch made here

Vehicle towing.
This script has been temporarily deactivated for some major changes coming to it. We hope to activate it tomorrow. 

Server changelog.
  • You're now unable to tow or lift locked vehicles. [Permanent function]
  • Maximum ping set to 300 (was 450) to reduce server lag and desync.
  • Server is now running Epoch 1.0.3 with all custom scripts as before on Epoch

12th Dec 2013 [ZLG] iiAp-
The towing/lifting script isn't working properly at the moment, still have to add all those vehicles which are going to be able to tow and lift and what vehicles are able to be towed or lifted. I hope to finish all this today.
12th Dec 2013 Gazzman
Plus choppers :)
11th Dec 2013 slawterer
That seems a more sensible ruling. One point I would raise is that the category of Large Vehicles fit for towing ought to include at least one vehicle shorter than a garage door. If it is only trucks which can tow, then trucks can never be in a garage without the door being elevated.I would suggest SUVs, UAZs and other high-power vehicles.

Also, is there a similar limit on air lifting? I don't seem able to lift with my UH-60M...
11th Dec 2013 [ZLG] iiAp-
Hey guys,
Thank you for the feedback and seeing that you 3 are all regulars on the server and you guys know what you want, so I'll delete the new script not allowing you to tow/lift locked vehicles. Instead, you'll need a truck (such as an Ural) to tow any vehicle. I'll update the server today.
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11th Dec 2013 Gazzman
I was just on playing when a new guy arrived on the server, seemed a decent chap and didnt quite know what he was doing so i talked him through until he got up north. i met him in stary and showed him how to trade and so on. All was grand until he attempted to buy an ATV only to find some idiot had parked and locked a ural right across the vehicle spawn area. So ofcourse he couldnt get his vehicle.
i would of lifted it out of the way for him but the changes have prevented us from doing that.
I think this highlights that we will get idiots on the server who do things like this so i think the inability to tow or lift a locked vehicle is not such a great idea m8.
Like soul and slawter have pointed out, if u dont want ur vehicle moved, think about stratigically securing it.
11th Dec 2013 [ZLG] iiAp-
Hello Soul,
Thank you for your feedback.
11th Dec 2013 Soul
Here's my opinion on why it is a bad mechanic;

1. it's as inconvenient for the owner of the vehicle as any potential thief. Now every time I want to tow one of my locked vehicles, which I do all the time as towing is the only way to get cargo-trucks through a garage door, I need to unlock and lock the truck as well as towing untowing; meaning if I'm just moving it temporarily i'm carrying an extra key.
2. If I'm lifting a locked vehicle for some friends the vehicle is now mandated to be unlocked when I drop it off. This alone is terrible as it makes it easier to steal, not harder.
3. Epoch 1.0.3 made it so you can only sell a vehicle you have been the most recent driver for, meaning stolen locked vehicles cannot be instantly offloaded anymore. You need to either hotwire or destroy them, which in my opinion is enough.

It's a change in favor of people unwilling to safeguard their equipment correctly which costs anyone who tows/lifts their own vehicles frequently, so I'm against i
11th Dec 2013 [ZLG] iiAp-
Hello slawterer,
I appreciate your feedback. I've decided to add this function for a few reasons:

1. To protect bought vehicles more and give more value to the lockpicks.
2. To prevent people towing/lifting vehicles through build walls and floors.

If there's a lot of players not happy with this recent change we will consider deleting it.
11th Dec 2013 slawterer
Can I just voice my disagreement with the removal of lifting/towing for locked vehicles, especially as this version of epoch takes steps to prevent the selling of vehicles you have no access to. I see no real benefit in disallowing the towing of locked vehicles now.
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