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[Epoch] Server upgrade to 1.0.3
[ZLG] iiAp- 5 Comments · Likes · Like · 10th Dec 2013
ZombieLife | Maintenance.

Hello everybody.
Our hosting company now supports Epoch 1.0.3, reason for us to upgrade our Epoch server to the latest version. We will upgrade our server tomorrow. Mind that this will cause downtime so we're able to change the new mission and server files so the custom scripts are on the server as well.

Oh and .. we will release more information about the Christmas event tomorrow

11th Dec 2013 [ZLG] iiAp-
The server is taken down. Stay updated on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ ... zombielifegaming.
10th Dec 2013 [ZLG] Chucky
jeah very nice thx =))
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10th Dec 2013 [ZLG] iiAp-
The database structure should be the same as now, so nothing will be lost.
10th Dec 2013 [ZLG] Chucky
Nice seems like a cool update =)
I have one question will bases get deleted or not i´m scary to loose my base xD
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