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[Epoch] Server issues and massive desync (update)
[ZLG] iiAp- 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 1st Dec 2013
ZombieLife | Server news.

Hello everybody.
I would like to update you guys about the recent desync problems on the server. We've received an answer from our hosting company.

They claim the problems are created by a lot of custom scripts on the server - but because we didn't change or added any scripts the recent days, this is not a possible option - or by players with a very high ping and bandwidth, this could be causing the recent issues as we've welcomed a few Russian players on our server.

Our server is hosted in London, United Kingdom and the distance between Russia and the United Kingdom is big so data from the server needs a while before it reaches the computers of the Russian players. We will be monitoring players from countries as Russia which are a long way from our datacenter. 

If necessary we will ban players causing those problems. 

I hope this information helps you guys out and we all hope this problem is solved very soon!

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