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[Epoch] Disappeared vehicles.
[ZLG] iiAp- 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 25th Nov 2013
Hello everybody.
I have received several messages that people have lost vehicles after I set a scheduled event in the database making sure vehicles which were blown up are deleted from the database making room for new vehicles to be spawned in the server. 

Unfortunately something went wrong. And I'm very sorry to hear that and I'll do everything I can to compensate for this problem. Restoring a backup of the database is not possible, as the MySQL event has been added a few days ago, which would mean that a lot of progression will be lost from all players, and the newest players have to start over.

Again, I'm very sorry that this have happened on our server and we will do everything to compensate all of our players. At last we want to remind you that our servers aren't here for us the admins, but for you and all the other players. 

I will discuss this problem with the other Epoch admins and we'll soon post more information on how to compensate for all the vehicles that have been lost. I would like to ask for your patience in this case.

Kind regards,
iiAp- [Community Founder]

26th Nov 2013 [ZLG] 1roncross
we will always get teething problems in making the server as a whole better its a pain to have lost all the kit but we will just have to collect new vehicals and loot.
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