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[Epoch] The vaults have been placed!
[ZLG] iiAp- 5 Comments · Likes · Like · 20th Nov 2013
Hello everybody.
To start with, sorry for the delay on our first event on our Epoch server. We've placed the vaults on random places on the map. We all know Chernarus is a big map and just placing 3 vaults somewhere without giving you some information would be mission impossible. To give you guys a few hints, we've made a map with areas the vaults are possibly in. You'll find this map below.

This event runs till Saturday 7th December or when all vaults have been found.

Possible combinations to open a safe:
5589, 3354, 6487, 2156, 6421, 8453, 6598, 2200, 3012, 4587, 8088, 1947, 2156, 4895, 7894, 3564, 1894.

Possible locations where safes can be found:

Good luck with finding them!

Clue 1: Vaults may be placed inside small buildings, such as sheds and bus stops or placed on top of towers. They are not hidden inside houses or big buildings and with a good eye you should be able to spot at least 1 of them from the sky!

27th Nov 2013 [ZLG] NoDdy
i no how to get that shit back, just saying.
26th Nov 2013 [ZLG] iiAp-
It is slawterer, there's no more than 1 vault in a marked location. I will check all locations tomorrow and check if they are still there. If not, I will update the post.
26th Nov 2013 slawterer
Is it safe to assume that no single location has multiple vaults?
26th Nov 2013 Soul
Found one myself, which I believe marks the second find. Cheers for the event iiAp
22nd Nov 2013 [ZLG] 1roncross
any vaults been found yet?
and are they hidden in or near buildings or are they also hidden in vegetation. Giz us all a clue......:)
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