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Anti-theft in trader areas & AI mission tweaks.
[ZLG] iiAp- 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 8th Nov 2013
Anti-theft in trader areas.
We've had a lot of reports of people stealing stuff from backpacks and vehicles while inside a god mode protected area. It's unfair, since you can't protect your stuff there. To prevent this, we've implemented a anti-theft system when you're inside a major trader city (Klen, Stary and Bash). You can't access someone else's backpack or access any gear inside any vehicle.

I would still recommend you locking your vehicle when you park it inside a trader area!

AI mission tweaks and gear changes.
As we stated on our Facebook and Twitter page, the AI missions were too over powered and we had to make some changes in it. The bandit AIs are now less powerful and you'll be able to complete a mission - I would recommend you finding a team to do so though. 

We've also changed the gear that spawn in a mission. There's also missions spawning in ammo for mounted guns on vehicles.

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