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Event: "The vault hunt".
[ZLG] iiAp- 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 1st Nov 2013
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We’ve placed 3 filled vaults in Chernarus, containing gear for one single person (primary weapon, secondary weapon, medical supplies and food supplies) as well as one backpack and various items you can use to build a base or improve your base.

This may seem easy to you, but there’s more. All vaults will be locked with a 4 digit code. You can either try all combinations possible or stay tuned in game and our website to discover all clues to find out the code. We will give you hints where we will hide parts of the code. By following these hints you will find out the exact code and be able to take all the gear out of the vault or take the whole vault!
Just remember that it won’t be without risk, other players want to take the gear as well and will even kill people for it, so keep your eyes out !

This event will take place from 17/11/2013 7:00PM (GMT+1) till 21/11/2013 11:30PM (GMT+1). During this time we will give hints for the locations of the vaults and the codes. We will release the gear inside the vaults later on!

ZombieLife staff members will not be able to take part in this event. You do not need to sign up to take part to this event.

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