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Scheduled maintenance: update to Epoch
[ZLG] iiAp- 3 Comments · Likes · Like · 29th Oct 2013
Hello everybody.
We already announced this update yesterday and said we would update our server when Epoch has been released on the software DayZ Commander and when its supported by our server host. We've received the good news that DayZ Commander as well as our server host now support Epoch

Custom start gear.
Our server host has previously deleted the ability to edit the starting gear but with the update to Epoch we will be able to edit it through their custom control panel. We will announce the new starting gear in a news post after the update.

Time and date of the update.
The update will be done today, and it will cause the server to be down or locked from 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM (GMT+1). This is a estimated time, it may be done earlier or it may take a bit longer. We will post instant updates on our Facebook page and Twitter page.

You can find more information about Epoch in our previous news post, which you can find below this one or by following this link.

If you have any questions, please ask them below or on our Facebook or Twitter page.

Kind regards,

29th Oct 2013 [ZLG] iiAp-
29th Oct 2013 [ZLG] 1roncross
yeah bit of food might be good but i do feel that half the fun is finding the guns and tools...or the suspense when you need them but have not got them.
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29th Oct 2013 [ZLG] iiAp-
Hey ron, so you'd like to keep the starting gear as it is now? I was thinking of adding a drink and a can of beans to it. No weapons at all.
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