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DayZ Epoch is coming to our server!
[ZLG] iiAp- 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 28th Oct 2013
Hello everybody!
DayZ Epoch has been released on the official Epoch website. They've brought in some new things, fixed a lot of bugs but they have also removed the modern civilian vehicles pack due to permission issues. The vehicles from this package have been replaced with default Arma vehicles. If you own a vehicle from this pack it will most likely been replaced. If this didn't happen, please contact us in game or use our contact page.

The full changelog can be viewed on this page.

Server update.
To run the latest Epoch version we will need to update our server. We will perform this update when our server host is supporting the latest version and when it's available on DayZ Commander

This update may cause the server to be down for a few hours so we're able to test our existing custom scripts and if needed to fix them.

28th Oct 2013 [ZLG] 1roncross
shame about copyright issues but at least there will be only a minimal loss of vehical types. Lets hope the likes of ford and bmw dont get there knickers in a twist too
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