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The Christmas Event has began!
23rd Dec 2013 · [ZLG] iiAp- · 1 Comments · Likes · Like

ZombieLife | Event.

Hello everybody.
Please find below the possible locations of the vehicles as well as possible combinations for the locks on the garage doors. More information regarding thi ... nt can be found here.

Possible locations. (you'll have to search the area around it properly!)

  • Guglovo
  • Shakhovka
  • Dubrovka
  • Olsha
  • Pavlovo
  • Measty Peak
  • Nizhnoye

Possible combinations.
158, 657, 789, 254, 632, 174, 458, 995, 664, 224, 237, 302, 554

There's one vehicle inside a garage which is locked with a key. They key is inside a lockbox which is hidden near the vehicle. The possible combinations for the lockbox are: blue55, red89 or green51.

Good luck!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
21st Dec 2013 · [ZLG] iiAp- · 3 Comments · Likes · Like

On behalf of the ZombieLife community I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

ZombieLife and the DayZ Standalone
18th Dec 2013 · [ZLG] iiAp- · 7 Comments · Likes · Like

ZombieLife | Announcement. 

Hello everybody.
As we all know by now, the DayZ Standalone has been released on Steam for €23,99 (around 20 British pounds). It is still in the Alpha stage which means it will contain bugs, glitches, random FPS drops etcetera. 

Will there be a ZombieLife DayZ Standalone server?
Yes, we do want to start hosting a DayZ Standalone server. We don't have any plans for it yet as they aren't available. All servers are running in the Steam cloud and aren't available for anyone to host. We're very sure they will become available in the nearby future (maybe with the initial release of the game?). 

Will the other DayZ servers be taken down when the Standalone servers are available?
We don't know yet. We will start making plans regarding a Standalone server when they become available or when we know they come available. 

Want to see more ZombieLife servers? Consider making a (small) donation using the application on the right side of this message and vote for a game you want us to host a server for in this thread.

16th Dec 2013 · [ZLG] Bronson · 9 Comments · Likes · Like

Just thought everyone should know that DayZ Standalone is out right now in Alpha stage for £20 on steam!!

>> Important information regarding update <<
14th Dec 2013 · [ZLG] iiAp- · 11 Comments · Likes · Like

Due to problems with Epoch and our custom scripts we've decided NOT to update the server to Epoch today. We expect to update Monday!

We are very sorry for this.

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