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Forum » Public forums » ZombieLife #2: DayZ Mod Locked
Joined: 16th Oct 2013
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8th Nov 2013

It's possible you've been banned from one of our servers. It's our opinion that everybody deserves a second chances if they change their behaviour, or do anything they possibly can to prevent being banned again. If you think you meet the requirements below you may request an unban from our server. The ZombieLife owners will decide whether you will be unbanned or not. 

You may only request an unban if..
  • .. you're banned for longer than 7 days
  • .. you will do anything to prevent being banned again
  • .. you think you've been banned without reason
  • .. you think your ban isn't entitled
  • .. you will answer all questions truthfully

If you meet the requirements stated below you may proceed with creating a thread. You'll need to answer the questions listed below:

  • The first 6 digits of your GUID
  • Your nickname
  • The stated reason you've been bannedAdmins always state the reason of your ban and kick.
  • The admin which gave you the banThe admin's shortcut is stated after the reason (eg: Reason // Length of ban // Admins' shortcut)
  • The duration of your ban
If you give false details in the form below your unban request will be denied! All details given will be checked with our log files.

Forum » Public forums » ZombieLife #2: DayZ Mod Locked
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