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Vehicles: The Disappearening of Nov 23rd
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25th Nov 2013

So on Nov 23rd, apparently most if not all vehicles owned and unowned on the server all went AWOL. My group of friends lost a few and varied vehicles, all of which were fully repaired, and five of which were locked vehicles.

The prime suspect for this is a botched cleanup script, which probably pruned the wrong end of the damage spectrum in the database.

This cost us a good portion of our equipment and a decent chunk of gold. Any news on what exactly happened, what's being done to revert/fix it and whether or not any info is needed from us?

~The Brits Contingent
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27th Nov 2013

Hello Soul,
I'm very sorry to hear vehicles have disappeared from the server which were fully repaired and working. We've no idea what went wrong here and we hope its all solved now.

The piece of code we had to place inside our database was gained directly from the Epoch developers. To ensure it properly working we've deleted the event from the database and re-added it with a slight change.

I will soon post more information about this and how I will compensate this problem. The vehicle spawns have been fixed and unowned vehicles are spawning again, so collecting new vehicles shouldn't be a problem at this moment.

Again, I'm very sorry this happened. Also sorry for the late reply to this topic.

Forum » Public forums » ZombieLife #1: DayZ Epoch
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