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Event: "The vault hunt".
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2nd Nov 2013

Vault 1 will contain:
  • Weapons: M4A3 CCO CAMO and M9SD.
  • Ammunition: 10x 30Rnd 556x45 Stanag, 5x 15Rnd 9x19 M9SD.
  • Medical: 2x Bloodbag, 5x Bandage, 3x Morphine Auto Injector, 2x Epi-pen, 2x Painkiller, 3x Antibiotics and 2x Heatpack.
  • Food: 6x Cooked meat and 5x Soda can coke.
  • Backpack: Gunbag (35 slots).

Vault 2 will contain:
  • Weapons: L85A2 HOLO and Glock17.
  • Ammunition: 6x 30Rnd 556x45 Stanag and 4x 17Rnd 9x19 Glock17.
  • Medical: 1x Bloodbag, 3x Bandage, 1x Morphine Auto Injector, 1x Epi-pen, 3x Painkiller, 4x Antibiotics and 1x Heatpack.
  • Food: 2x Can backed beans, 3x Cooked bacon, 2x Soda can coke and 1x Red bull.
  • Backpack: Large gunbag (65 slots).

Vault 3 will contain:
  • Weapons: M16A4 RCO and M9.
  • Ammunition: 5x 30Rnd 556x45 Stanag and 5x 15Rnd 9x19 M9.
  • Medical: 3x Bloodbag, 4x Bandage, 2x Morphine Auto Injector, 4x Painkiller and 3x Antibiotics.
  • Food: 3x Can sardines, 2x Can backed beans and 3x Red Bull.
  • Backpack: Coyote backpack (50 slots).

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Forum » Public forums » Event information
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