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What your donations do
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1st Nov 2013

So are you thinking about donating but wondering what you are actually contributing to?

Well aside from the fact that you get Donator status and rewards, your donations help the community is so many different ways, like keeping and improving the servers and the forums, but not just that. They also open new opportunity's for us and you. The community is always looking to expand our gaming little by little and with your donations we can do just that but a lot faster, maybe you want us to make a new server on a game, that's where your donations count the most.

By helping us we can help you with best gaming experiences we can offer with all kinds of different genre's of gaming.
If you can't donate we completely understand, we are already so happy that you are with our community and trust us to show you a good gaming experience so a BIG thank you from us!!

Happy hunting and enjoy our slice of gaming pie!  

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Forum » Public forums » General discussions
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