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DayZ Epoch server changelog.
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29th Oct 2013

  • (29/10/2013) [ADDED] Combination locks to traders.
  • (29/10/2013) [UPDATED] Epoch is now running on our server.
  • (30/10/2013) [CHANGED] Staring gear changed, you will now start with one can of food, a drink, antibiotics, painkillers, road flares, 2 bandages and a flashlight.
  • (30/10/2013) [CHANGED] Players with a ping of 450 or more will now be automatically kicked by BattlEye (was 500).
  • (4/11/2013) [CHANGED] Difficulty set to Regular (was Recruit), auto aim and auto spot has now been turned off.
  • (4/11/2013) [ADDED] AI missions.

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Forum » Public forums » General discussions
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